Flex-on Safety stirrup Safe-on

Flex-on Safety stirrup Safe-on

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Flex-on Safety Stirrups Safe-on Inclined Ultragrip This stirrup offers all the... more
Product information "Flex-on Safety stirrup Safe-on"

Flex-on Safety Stirrups Safe-on Inclined Ultragrip

This stirrup offers all the advantages of the Green Composite Stirrup, plus
it opens sideways in the event of a fall to prevent the rider from getting stuck
to prevent it from getting stuck. The lateral opening gives way in the event of a strong impact and can be
and can be easily reattached afterwards.

The innovative Safe-on stirrup is made from NaWaRo polyamide (based on renewable
renewable raw materials) and also has a steel core to strengthen the plastic
Strengthen the plastic. The stirrup has shock absorbers, which have
shock-absorbing properties and thus reduce the muscle strain and relieve the
and relieve the joints. The inclined step improves the natural position
of the heels and favors the perfect position of the legs. The Ultra Grip
Inlay made of hermoplastic polymer (pom) with hardened steel tips provides optimal
hardened steel tips provide optimum grip.

In the upper part there is a magnetic clip which can be easily replaced
exchanged. Clips are available in many different designs.

a shock absorbing system (the tread rests on shock absorbing
Elastomers, with "Ultragrip" technology)
ergonomic shape of the tread and the eyelets (simultaneously staggered and slightly
slightly rotated, for a better connection between rider and horse)
The stirrup can be easily cleaned with water and is therefore easy to maintain
easy to maintain.

Scope of delivery:Flex-on Green Composite Stirrups Mixed Gripp in selected variant.