Bremsinator fresh horse deodorant 500ml

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Bremsinator fresh from Hotte Maxe Ready-to-spray mixture - the quick protection for the... more
Product information "Bremsinator fresh horse deodorant 500ml"

Bremsinator fresh from Hotte Maxe

Ready-to-spray mixture - the quick protection for the undisturbed ride

Ideal insect protection for you and your horse. Simply spray on and be safe!

Can also be sprayed on your skin and clothing, no insect will land on you, does not stain and smells pleasant.

The horse deodorant Bremsinator fresh is based on the Hotte Maxe Insect blocker concentrate and is strengthened by the addition of essential oils and scents.
It contains neem oil and a mixture of essential oils, such as clove oil, lavandin oil, juniper oil, citronella oil, and other scents. It is stronger than the insect blocker because of this.
The horse deodorant has a fresh smell and also protects the rider from being bothered by insects.

Hotte Maxe Bremsinator fresh provides poison-free, reliable protection.
This protection lasts for approx. 12-16 hours in the pasture, and approx. four to six hours at work or on a ride, depending on the perspiration.

The Hotte Maxe Bremsinator fresh horse deodorant contains besides neem oil also citronella and lavender. This mixture makes the horse, dog or cat uninteresting for all biting and stinging insects, such as black flies (trigger of summer eczema), viper, gnats, ticks, deer louse flies, horse flies* and others.

Nie oil is extracted from the seed of the Niem tree (Azadirachta indica) exclusively by cold pressing and is non-toxic for humans and animals.

The horse deodorant has also proven itself with sensitive horses or horses prone to allergies.

As a skin and coat care product, the contained neem oil soothes and relaxes the skin. In horses, the aromatic substances also mask the body's own vapours, which insects are strongly attracted to.

*) On the subject of horseflies:
As probably everyone has had to experience painfully, conventional fly repellent products like to fail in particularly aggressive attacks by horse-brakes. In such cases we recommend our pp3-Bremsinator extreme. This smells very strong, but creates peace!

General notice:
Our products are exclusively pure horse care products that have been tested and approved by the relevant authorities. Consequently, they are harmless and non-toxic. The formulations are tested by the fn for their doping relevance and then labelled accordingly by us. Our fly repellent products always contain neem oil and, in the variants we offer, are combined with essential oils (e.g. clove oil, lavandin oil, juniper oil, citronella oil) and other scents.