Strax skin lotion 500ml

Strax skin lotion 500ml

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To 42.95€ * 85.90€ * / 1000 Milliliter
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Strax skin lotion from Hotte Maxe Without allergenic substances, such as essential oils... more
Product information "Strax skin lotion 500ml"

Strax skin lotion from Hotte Maxe

Without allergenic substances, such as essential oils

Strax Skin Lotion provides lasting care for skin and coat areas damaged by summer eczema and its accompanying symptoms, while supporting the natural functions of sensitive skin.
Regular care with Strax Skin Lotion shows positive results with over 80% of the users in our test studies. Finally an inexpensive and sensible skin care even for severely damaged skin.

Strax skin lotion is not oily. -- After the lotion has been absorbed by the skin, no oily film remains on the coat and skin. Therefore, the coat and skin are largely spared a sticky layer of dust or dirt even after lying down or rolling around! The horse can be touched and handled without the groom or attendant having to constantly clean off the build-up of oily products.

The more than 80% positive results of the users in our test study also speak for themselves.

This nourishing skin lotion reduces itching and the tendency to chafe, even in the case of sweet itch.
The coat is therefore not greasy and sticky, therefore not constantly dirty, because no oil film is created, which acts like a magnet to dust and dirt.


The properties of Strax Skin Lotion develop best when applied to clean skin/coat. Therefore, clean the affected fur and skin areas from dirt before each application. For a thorough cleaning, it is best to use the Hotte Maxe Niem Shampoo.

For acute problems:
Apply Strax skin lotion to the belly seam and tail rump twice daily for one to two weeks, as well as working it into the mane ridge.
As soon as the itching and rubbing have subsided significantly, you can reduce to a daily application.

For prophylaxis:
At the beginning of the blackfly season, which can start as early as the end of February/beginning of March, apply approx. every two days.

If the skin becomes brittle, cracked or very dry and taut during treatment, treat the affected areas once or twice daily with the Hotte Maxe Strax Neem Skin Ointment.

? For competition horses, please note the waiting period of 48 hours! ?