Hunter Norwegergeschirr Racing

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Many dog lovers have realized that harnesses like the Norwegian harness racing distribute the... more
Product information "Hunter Norwegergeschirr Racing"

Many dog lovers have realized that harnesses like the Norwegian harness racing distribute the pull of the lead line better on the body of their dog than a conventional collar. Prerequisites for this relief are a good fit and great wearing comfort. With the Norwegian harness racing this is given by the adjustable belly strap and by the soft fleece padding in the chest, neck and shoulder area of your dog. The sturdy nylon webbing straps and fleece padding also make the harness very fur-friendly. The Norwegian harness racing is especially great if you want to take your dog jogging or biking. With this well-fitting harness, you can safely lead your dog, even from a bicycle. For added safety on public paths, the Norwegian harness racing features reflective strips on the straps that increase your visibility or your dog's visibility in low-light conditions. Should the Norwegian harness racing ever get dirty, it's no problem: you can simply wash the harness.

  • made of high quality nylon material
  • Chest, neck and shoulder area padded with fleece
  • fur-protecting
  • with reflective stripes and adjustable belly strap
  • especially suitable for jogging and cycling with the dog

Upper material: nylon/plastic
Bottom material: nylon/plastic

Measuring instructions(see picture)
Ideally, measure the dog's waist circumference (b) just behind the front legs at the widest part of the rib cage using a flexible tape measure. The tape measure should fit snugly, but not constrict the dog. About a finger's width of air should be left between the tape measure and the dog. Based on this circumference and consideration of the neck circumference (a), the correct harness size can be determined. As a rule, all harnesses are adjustable at least at the belly, but usually also several times and can be optimally adapted to any body shape for the benefit of wearing comfort.

All harnesses from the HUNTER assortment are characterized by easy handling, are elaborately manufactured and padded.

Size chart
SizeNeck circumferenceAdjustment bellyWidth
S32 cm42 - 53 cm2,0 cm
S-M40 cm52 - 62 cm2,5 cm
M-L46 cm60 - 75 cm2,5 cm
L52 cm68 - 90 cm3,8 cm
L-XL58 cm82 - 105 cm3,8 cm