naf supplementary feed D-Tox
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naf supplementary feed D-Tox

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Feed with effective herbs and plant substances removes toxins from the body and promotes... more
Product information "naf supplementary feed D-Tox"
  • Feed with effective herbs and plant substances
  • removes toxins from the body and promotes health
  • generally increases the resistance
  • for regular feeding

naf D-Tox is a dietary supplement for horses that helps to maintain health and resistance. It protects body tissues and promotes rapid recovery after exercise.

D-Tox contains a variety of highly effective herbal extracts and active plant ingredients (antioxidants) that help the body eliminate toxins. These waste products can otherwise accumulate in the animal's body, such as from pesticides on the animal's feed, but also from the horse's metabolism, which produces harmful end products. The sooner these are eliminated, the less harmful influences can affect your animal.

In nature, horses absorb sufficient antioxidants through their species-appropriate diet. The living conditions that horses face today - the pollution of the soil and the air - cause an increased need for free radicals than when living in the wild. The same is true for horses under stressful conditions. With additional antioxidants added to the diet, the body is helped to break down pollutants and symptoms can be stopped.

The 100% natural ingredients in D-Tox support physical resistance.


naf D-Tox can be given in times of reduced resistance, injury or stressful situations. It can also be used as a 15-day cure.

Horses and ponies

  • High dose: 27 grams per day
  • Maintenance dose: 9 grams per day

Administer the remedy in times of stress when your horse is less resistant. Give the high dose for 15 days and then switch to the maintenance dose.

A bucket of 1500 grams of D-Tox will last approximately 166 days at a daily dose of 9 grams.


Bitter orange peel (ripe), brewer's yeast, rosehip, omicha berries, dandelion leaves, turmeric, milk thistle seeds, rosemary, blueberries, ginger, gingko, liquorice, white oil, fructo-oligosaccharide, wheat protein, glutamine.


  • Vitamins: Vitamin a-e672, e671 vitamin d3, vitamin e.
  • Emulsifier: e322 lecithins
  • For digestion: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Scope of delivery: naf supplementary feed D-Tox in selected variant.

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