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naf supplementary feed Oestress

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for mares where the hormone level is upset natural ingredients and magnesium influence the... more
Product information "naf supplementary feed Oestress"
  • for mares where the hormone level is upset
  • natural ingredients and magnesium influence the hormonal cycle poistively

naf oestress

Stress and behavioural problems occur regularly in horses. One cause of this can be an imbalanced hormone balance. As a result, your mare may suffer from mood swings, become aggressive, or behave unruly during training and competitions. If this is the case, you can give your mare the naf Oestress. The ingredients in this supplement support your horse's hormonal cycle and thus help to manage mood swings.


For fussy eaters, it is better to mix Oestress gradually into the feed. This supplement supports the hormonal levels of mares, but is also suitable for geldings with stallion behavior Notice: Use of this supplement is discouraged in pregnant mares.


Oestress should be given through your horse's feed in the spring and during the summer season. If necessary, the supplement can also be given throughout the year. The initial dosage is 7 to 10 days for the powder version and 3 to 5 days for the liquid version. During the period when the horse is most anxious, you can also follow the initial dosage.

naf Oestress Powder
Initial dosageMaintenance dosage
30 g (3 measuring spoons)10 - 20 g (1 to 2 measuring spoons)
naf Oestress Liquid
Initial dosageMaintenance dosage
75 - 100 ml25 - 50 ml


Monk's pepper berries, magnesium oxide, bark of common snowball, black cohosh, sunflower seeds, carrots (dried), Gynostemma pentaphyllum (herb of immortality), Omicha berries, fenugreek seeds, marsh hellebore, rosehip peels, turmeric, milk thistle seeds, dandelion leaves, rosemary, ginkgo leaves, ginger, chlorella (dried), real liquorice, rapeseed oil

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