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Keralit Beam Liquid

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Counteracts horn decomposition processes. keralit strahl-liquide is a liquid, well... more
Product information "Keralit Beam Liquid"

Counteracts horn decomposition processes.

keralit strahl-liquide is a liquid, well adhering frog care solution, which is especially suitable for the problem areas of the hoof frog and the white line.

Simultaneous care and regeneration of damaged, decomposed horn, especially in case of softened, malodorous middle and lateral frog furrows.

keralit strahl-liquide prevents horn damage by neutralising harmful influences from the stable bedding (ammonia) and keeping away micro-organisms which are significantly involved in horn decomposition. The frog horn becomes firmer after only 3-4 days of use and the frog furrows dry out.

Due to its low viscosity, the frog liquids can penetrate well and deeply into the frog furrows and fissured horn substance. Simply wetting the horn with the liquid is sufficient for full effect.

Instructions for use:

It is important to clean the frog furrows thoroughly but dry before application (i.e. do not wash). If the hoof is damp, this does not matter.

It is best to place a swab or small cloth over a wooden spatula (blunt) and wipe the frog furrows several times. Change the cloths again and again.

Then put a few drops of keralit strahl-liquide into the frog furrows with the dosing nose. Then carefully widen the frog furrows with the spatula so that the solution can also flow into the lowest pockets.

The application should be done daily for about 3-4 days, then with increasing intervals. For prevention, a weekly application is generally sufficient. Good stable hygiene should be ensured in any case.

Doping advice: fn-admr: no waiting period if applied to horn by analogy.

Product safety:

Causes skin irritation.

May cause allergic skin reactions.

Causes severe eye irritation.

May cause respiratory irritation.