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Keralit Hoof Elast Care Oil

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As a damping element in the horse's locomotor system, the hoof in particular is subject to... more
Product information "Keralit Hoof Elast Care Oil"

As a damping element in the horse's locomotor system, the hoof in particular is subject to high elastic deformations. Under load, the healthy hoof deforms, widens and lowers by several millimetres, only to return to its original shape during the relief phase.

This is the so-called "hoof mechanism". It has a shock-absorbing, springy effect and thus protects the overlying ligament, joint and bone structures.

Furthermore, the hoof mechanism is said to have a pumping effect on the circulation of blood in the horse's leg. If the hoof mechanism is restricted or no longer present, these important properties can no longer function, or only to a limited extent. Hoof problems such as cracks, horn splits, breaking out wall horn, loose irons as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system can be the result.


The elasticity of the horn and thus of the entire hoof is mainly dependent on its moisture content. Healthy wall horn contains approx. 20% water. Fluctuations over short periods of time due to weather and temperature are normal. The wall horn is supplied with the necessary moisture from the inside via the leather hides as well as from the outside through washing, rain or damp soil.

The water content is also regulated by the glaze layer, a thin, superficial layer of horn. This prevents the increased evaporation of water from the horn substance, especially in dry periods. In the case of riding horses, the glaze layer is only intact in the crown area due to hoof treatment and especially riding on sandy ground, which increases the release of moisture to an extreme degree.

The horn becomes rigid and inelastic. The horse feels as if it is in a shoe that is too tight.


The new Keralit Huf-Elast care oil is a liquid active ingredient concentrate with over 90% plant-based active ingredients such as laurel oil, sesame oil, avocado and jojoba oil in a water-soluble and moisture-binding formulation (in pharmacopoeia quality). Due to the water-friendly properties, the dissolved care substances can be ideally absorbed into the horn, the natural moisture is bound in the horn. Elasticity and resilience of the horn are improved. The horn surface is not closed.

Due to the water solubility, the hoof can optimise its moisture content without hindrance even after repeated application. Especially in dry periods the increased evaporation of moisture from the wall horn is prevented. The water balance of the hoof is supported in a regulating manner. Conventional oils and fats, even pure laurel oil do not allow this, they seal the pores. Decay processes, especially in the nail area, can be the result.

Keralit Huf-Elast additionally contains horn and skin caring substances from human cosmetics. These improve the elasticity of the horn, coronet band and hem band. The coronet area does not dry out, becomes more supple and elastic and can therefore be supplied with more blood when the horse is moving. The elasticity of the hoof increases the metabolism in the hoof. Hoof mechanism, growth and horn quality are significantly improved. In addition, the essential components of the plant oils used have a slight disinfecting effect.

Keralit Hoof-Elast is easy and very economical to use.


Apply sparingly 2-3 times a week first to a brush, then to the horn wall as well as the crown edge area and spread. In the case of brittle, dry horn, wash the hooves and apply Hoof Elast Care Oil to the still wet horn. Keralit Huf Elast can also be applied mixed 1:1 with water. Alternating use with Keralit Huffestiger is ideal.

Doping note: fn-admr when applied to horn no waiting period, on the skin 2 days (because of laurel oil).