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Keralit Undercover Care Paste

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The hoof protection under iron, plate, silicone. KERALIT-undercover is a well adhering,... more
Product information "Keralit Undercover Care Paste"

The hoof protection under iron, plate, silicone.

KERALIT-undercover is a well adhering, firm hoof care paste, consisting of vegetable spices such as turmeric, highly dispersed mineral substances as well as bark extracts of various tree species, e.g. oak bark.

The ointment base used ensures that the active ingredients are released evenly over 6-8 weeks. Keralit undercover can be used especially for the prevention and treatment of horn decomposition processes in the white line, sole, corner strut and frog areas.

Also for horn columns and hollow walls. Keralit undercover releases anti-fouling agents throughout the entire shoeing period, especially when moisture gets under the shoe from outside, e.g. from washing the hooves or from the bedding.

When KERALIT-undercover is used, the environment under the plate and silicone is changed over the shoeing period in such a way that decomposition processes caused by ammonia or micro-organisms can no longer form, malodorous decay is prevented and the horn is safely stabilised. Keralit undercover does not contain iodoform or copper compounds.

Simple, unproblematic processing.

Keralit undercover is simply filled into the cavities after cutting out and removing rotten horn substance. In the case of shoes with plates and silicone inserts, the sole and the frog can also be coated. The rest of the shoeing work is done as usual.

Frog problems

Sensible blasting treatment for open stables

KERALIT-undercover is also used to prevent and treat horn decomposition in the frog area. It is particularly suitable for horses kept in open stables or paddocks, as it remains in the frog furrows for several days and adheres to the furrows even in wet weather. A daily treatment is therefore not necessary.

Hollow and loose walls

Successes also contrary to doctrine.

Amazingly good results with extreme and protracted wall and frog rot problems are achieved when these hooves are shod with plastic plates and silicone inserts using Keralit-undercover.

Without the use of Keralit Undercover, shoeing with plates and silicone filling is not appropriate for hooves with poor horn quality, as the damaging microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) will multiply and decompose the horn even more when completed without light and air. However, some horses are dependent on orthopaedic shoes for the treatment of tendons or joint diseases, although strong horn decomposition processes are present in the wall and frog area. With further normal shoes the problems are not to be got under control.

In these special cases Keralit undercover in combination with a closed plastic plate with silicone filling has proven to be ideal. The use of Keralit-undercover creates a milieu in the small space between the hoof horn and the silicone, which safely prevents further horn decomposition even over 7-8 weeks. The silicone filling prevents the undercover from falling out and dirt and moisture from the bedding from getting in. The hoof can grow back healthily. The application is done as described above. It should be noted that some horses need a few days to get used to being shod with a plate and silicone. A relatively soft silicone (such as "Wolke 7" from Luwex) is advantageous for sensitive horses.

Please also inform yourself in the info sheet "white line disease", which you can download here free of charge

Can with 235g

Doping advice: fn-admr with appropriate application on horn no waiting period.

Product safety:

Causes skin irritation.

Causes severe eye irritation.