Keralit Huffestiger 250 ml
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Keralit Huffestiger 250 ml

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To 33.95€ * 135.80€ * / 1000 Milliliter
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Shod and unshod hooves of horses are highly stressed by hard ground and the strain of riding.... more
Product information "Keralit Huffestiger 250 ml"

Shod and unshod hooves of horses are highly stressed by hard ground and the strain of riding.

In addition, decomposition products of excrement and urine (ammonia) and microorganisms from the stable bedding damage the hoof horn. These stresses often result in cracks, chipping and splitting as well as excessively soft, friable and rotting horn.

In shod hooves, this is particularly common in the area of the nailing and the corner struts. There, horn-decomposing bacteria and fungi as well as ammonia-containing moisture from the stable bedding can rise high in the nail channels and decompose the horn in an anaerobic, alkaline environment. The consequences are horn wall defects, loose breaking horseshoes, inflammation of the hoof corium, hoof abscesses and damaged hooves to which the farrier can hardly attach an iron.

Riders with unshod horses often face the problem of horn growth not being in balance with wear. Additional break-outs and stone chips that have entered the white line area exacerbate this imbalance. The consequences are a cautious or even clammy, listless gait as well as hoof corium irritation or even inflammation.

Please note:

The keralit huffestiger is not suitable for children's hands.

Doping advice: fn-admr when applied sensibly on horn no waiting time.

Causes skin irritation.

May cause allergic skin reactions.

Causes severe eye damage.

Harmful by inhalation.

May cause allergy, asthma-like symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled.

May cause respiratory irritation.