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Stübben Steeltec Pelham Easy Control double broken

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Pony size: 10.5 / 12 cm, Suit: 4 cm, Thickness: 12 mm Size: 12.5 / 13.5 /14.5 cm, suit: 5... more
Product information "Stübben Steeltec Pelham Easy Control double broken"
  • Pony size: 10.5 / 12 cm, Suit: 4 cm, Thickness: 12 mm
  • Size: 12.5 / 13.5 /14.5 cm, suit: 5 cm, thickness: 14 mm

Advantages of the "easy control" Pelham:

  • more effective action due to bar action only in the direction of pull - with lateral flexibility of the outer bit parts
  • more effective, mouth-friendly aids
  • easier and faster communication between horse and rider
  • optimum effect even with low rein pressure, ideal for horses that go against the hand
  • "easy control" Pelhams have proven themselves in show jumping, where it is often difficult to take the horse back before the jump
  • when using too sharp a bit, horses often become too cautious and do not make enough speed. This negative effect does not occur with the "easy control" Pelham
  • "easy control" Pelhams have a strong effect on the horse via the bar action when required. As soon as the horse accepts the reins, however, the bit has a soft and pleasant effect on the tongue and loading
  • the "easy control" bit enables the rider to have a more targeted effect on his horse, with less rein pressure

Advantages of the Pelham:

  • can be ridden with two or with one rein
  • Pulling and leverage can be used in a controlled manner as needed

Advantages of the Pelham side pieces:

  • the special feature of the Stübben steel tec Pelham side pieces are the short tangs
  • the short pulls allow a quicker action with short rein distances
  • the fast action is very helpful in show jumping, especially with fast turns
  • the flat stainless steel chin chain hooks fit better and prevent pinching of the lips
  • the special chin chain hooks also make it easier to align the chin chain

The Stübben bits have no sharp edges that could injure the horse's mouth and guarantee a long durability due to selected materials. Special processing techniques reduce the knock-out of the joint connections of the bits.

Scope of delivery:Stübben Steeltec Pelham Easy Control double broken in selected variant.

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