Stübben Steeltec Rubber Pelham single broken
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Stübben Steeltec Rubber Pelham single broken

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stübben wide:

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Width: 12.5 / 13.5 / 14.5 cm Suit: 5 cm Thickness: 16 mm Advantages of the rubber... more
Product information "Stübben Steeltec Rubber Pelham single broken"
  • Width: 12.5 / 13.5 / 14.5 cm
  • Suit: 5 cm
  • Thickness: 16 mm

Advantages of the rubber Pelham:

  • soft and mouth friendly
  • easier and faster communication between horse and rider
  • in contrast to most commercially available rubber bits, which have mouthpieces 20 mm thick and thicker, the rubberized Stübben Pelham is thinner with a thickness of only 16 mm and therefore lies more comfortably in the mouth for most horses. The thinner rubber bit minimizes a possible erasing effect
  • a bit with rubber coating is only suitable for horses that do not tend to chew on the bit with their teeth, as otherwise the rubber can be damaged

Advantages of the Pelham:

  • can be ridden with two or with one rein
  • Pulling and leverage can be used in a controlled manner as required

Advantages of the Pelham side pieces:

  • the special feature of the Stübben steel tec Pelham side pieces are the short tangs
  • the short pulls allow a quicker action with short rein distances
  • the fast action is very helpful in show jumping, especially with fast turns
  • the flat stainless steel chin chain hooks fit better and prevent pinching of the lips
  • the special chin chain hooks also make it easier to align the chin chain

The Stübben bits have no sharp edges that could injure the horse's mouth and guarantee a long durability due to selected materials. Special processing techniques reduce the knock-out of the joint connections of the bits.

Scope of delivery:Stübben Steeltec Rubber Pelham single broken in selected variant.