Woof Wear Stable boots with bio-ceramic underlays

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  • WB0067-BKCE-M
Stable gaiter with bio-ceramic technology Bio-ceramic fibre for long durability (not just... more
Product information "Woof Wear Stable boots with bio-ceramic underlays"
  • Stable gaiter with bio-ceramic technology
  • Bio-ceramic fibre for long durability (not just a sheath)

  • has a supporting, preventive and healing effect

  • breathable neoprene (no heat accumulation)

  • Use for front and hind legs

Due to the far infrared radiation, this gaiter supports the healing process of injuries such as tendon damage, wound healing, ligament damage, etc.. But also during regeneration after work and during the warm-up process before work.

The gaiter can also be used with the terry cloth pad and is therefore versatile.

The bio-ceramic fabric reflects the body's own heat by means of far infrared rays. Both have the same wavelength and achieve the best effect on the body at a wavelength of 5 to 20 µm. Due to this property, the heat rays can penetrate 4-5 cm deep into the body and thus also reach deeper seated tissues etc.. At the same time, this also has an influence on the cells in the body, because the so-called "resonant absorption" creates vibration and rotation effects at the molecular level. Through this stimulation, the capillaries dilate, which in turn leads to improved blood circulation and the metabolism is stimulated.

The following positive effects can be achieved from this: Reduction of deposits on the vessels, better cell supply, better lymph flow and thus improved purification and detoxification, faster elimination of metabolic residues

Bio-Ceramics supports the reduction of inflammations, the healing of ligaments, tendons, muscles and tissue, the regeneration after work, the warming up of joints before work and thus improved mobility and muscle tension and overstrain.

In case of uncertain clinical pictures and open wounds, consult the veterinarian beforehand.

When using the boots, allow for a period of acclimatisation.

Scope of delivery:Woof Wear Stable boots with bio-ceramic underlay in selected variant.

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