equiXTREME Leather cleaner

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To 11.95€ * 39.83€ * / 1000 Milliliter
Content: 300 Milliliter

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Leather cleaner suitable for all types and colours of leather cleans particularly quickly... more
Product information "equiXTREME Leather cleaner"
  • Leather cleaner suitable for all types and colours of leather
  • cleans particularly quickly and gently
  • ready-to-use solution for spraying on
  • no water necessary
  • very economical in use
  • Content: 300 ml or 1000ml

The equiXTREME leather cleaner removes sebum, sweat and other impurities without the aid of water and does not soften leather and seams. The use of too much water in leather care makes the collagen fibres in the leather swell very easily and leads to them becoming unstable.

The quick-drying equiXTREME Leather Cleaner is pH-neutral and even removes mould and germ cultures. The ready-to-use spray solution allows even hard-to-reach areas to be cleaned quickly and effortlessly.

Application: Spray equiXTREME Leather Cleaner directly onto the leather to be cleaned or onto a soft cloth, wipe over and allow to dry. In the case of stubborn dirt, leave to soak in for a few minutes and repeat the process if necessary.
After cleaning the leather, we recommend using our equiXTREME leather care products.

Scope of delivery:equiXTREME Leather cleaner in selected variant.

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