Jin Stirrup AIR Sicherheits Steigbügel
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Jin Stirrup AIR Sicherheits Steigbügel

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single-arm spring steel hardened steel with very high mechanical strength (1200 MPa)... more
Product information "Jin Stirrup AIR Sicherheits Steigbügel"
  • single-arm spring steel hardened steel with very high mechanical strength (1200 MPa) Elastollan® overmoulding
  • Eyelet for passing through the single-strap freejump stirrup leathers. Eyelet angle of 45° for the perfect foot position
  • patented elastic outer arm made of Elastollan®(releases the foot more easily in the event of a fall)
  • stirrup arm offset forwards in relation to the foot plate for natural inclination
  • straight, bevelled back edge for better lateral stability
  • exclusive, non-slip cleats
  • extra wide footplate made of Ixef®1022 (glass fibre reinforced polyarylamide)
  • many colours available

Shifted centre of gravity:The forward position of the stirrup eyelet in relation to the tread surface allows the centre of gravity to be shifted backwards to promote a low heel position. This effect can be seen on all 3 stirrups (Soft'Up Pro, Soft'Up Classic and Soft'Up Lite).

Single arm stirrup:Single arm technology allows the loads absorbed by each stirrup to be divided by three, relieving pressure on both the rider's joints and the horse's back.

Flexible outer arm:Designed to release the foot more easily in the event of a fall, the flexible outer arm opens under the action of the foot.

Grip:The steel cleats are based on pedal technology for downhill biking and, thanks to their design, provide a highly effective grip without wearing out the soles.

Open Twisted Eyelet:Turnedaligned stirrup eyelet on the Soft'Up Pro and Soft'Up Lite models, ensuring real comfort and making it easier to pick up the stirrups with a 45° rotation.

Scope of delivery:freejump Softup Pro + stirrups in selected version.

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