Gallagher b300 Battery-powered pasture fencer

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register your device now and get 7 years warranty on this product! suitable for fences up to... more
Product information "Gallagher b300 Battery-powered pasture fencer"
  • register your device now and get 7 years warranty on this product!
  • suitable for fences up to 30 km long
  • Indicator lights to show the remaining charge of the battery and the fence function
  • perfect in combination with solar panel to charge the battery
  • Possibility to attach a padlock
  • 3 years warranty

The b300 is a powerful battery-powered 12v electric fence and is suitable for very long, multi-strand fences of up to 30km. The device has a robust, waterproof and impact-resistant housing in which the battery also fits. Indicator lights show directly if the fence is still working well and if the battery is almost empty.

The device has 4 settings

  1. Standard pulse setting: the device emits about one surge per second; to get the animals used to the fence.
  2. Solar panel setting: suitable for animals that are active during the day. At night, the electric fence device reduces the pulse frequency to almost 3 seconds. This extends the life of the battery by 20%.
  3. Low pulse frequency: the time between two current pulses is reduced to up to 3 seconds. For animals that are used to and respect fences. The battery life is almost doubled.
  4. Night mode: suitable for (wild) animals that are nocturnal. The pulse frequency is reduced during the day. The battery life is thus extended by 25%.

The device has been designed so that you can attach a padlock to it. An effective protection against theft!
The electric fence has a device for attaching a solar panel to charge the battery. This means that you only have to charge the battery every 125 days during the summer season instead of every 30 days!

Scope of delivery:Gallagher b300 battery-powered electric fence unit in selected quantity.

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