Biova Himalaya salt lick 2,5kg

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To 9.95€ * 3.98€ * / 1 Kilogramm
To 9.95€ * 3.98€ * / 1 Kilogramm
Content: 2.5 Kilogramm

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Biova Salt lick stones are significantly better than refined or mineral-pressed animal lick... more
Product information "Biova Himalaya salt lick 2,5kg"
  • Biova Salt lick stones are significantly better than refined or mineral-pressed animal lick salt
  • high quality and not contaminated
  • with natural cord made of hemp
  • no MHD
  • fairtrade
  • Content: 2,5 kg

The salt is not polluted by the environment
Our salt crystals of rock salt are of original purity, about 250 million years old and not refined. The salt is chemically analyzed for us in Pakistan and examined again in Germany.
Our lickstones have food quality!
There is no best before date for our salt lickstones.

Another quality feature of Biova salt lickstones is that all our lickstones are individually sealed in foil to protect them better from moisture and thus extend the shelf life. Furthermore, we use natural hemp for the cord, so no plastic or similar!


Good and reputable studs like the Charlottenhof in Marbach-Gomadingen rely on our lickstones! But also more than 150 feed dealers and more than 400 equestrian shops as well as numerous wholesalers and retailers all over Europe!

Fair Trade also for lickstones:

During production in Pakistan, we make sure that no children are employed and that employees receive sufficient wages, which is why we have been with one and the same supplier for over 10 years. This is also confirmed to us by an independent notary in Pakistan! Test now our original salt licks from the house Biova. Our own studies have shown that many animals still suffer from a severe lack of salt and minerals, which can be a reason for various diseases and an energy-less animal. Animals cannot be influenced by advertising or good coaxing. Do the test yourself and offer your animal our lickstones.

Scope of delivery:Biova Himalaya Salt Lick 2,5kg in selected quantity.

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